Ninna nanna cosacca, per una buona notte

Sleep, my beautiful good boy,
Bayushki bayu*,
Quietly the moon is looking
Into your cradle.
I will tell you fairy tales
And sing you little songs,
But you must slumber, with your little eyes closed,
Bayushki bayu.

The time will come when you will learn
The soldier’s way of life,
Boldly you’ll place your foot into the stirrup
And take the gun.
The saddle-cloth for your battle horse
I will sew for you from silk.
Sleep now, my dear little child,
Bayushki bayu.

You will look like a hero
And be a Cossack deep in your heart.
I will accompany you and watch you go,
You will just wave your hand.
How many secret bitter tears
Will I shed that night!
Sleep, my angel, calmly, sweetly,
Bayushki bayu.

I will die from yearning,
Inconsolably waiting,
I’ll pray the whole day long,
And at night I’ll wonder,
I’ll think that you’re in trouble
Far away in a strange land.
Sleep now, as long as you know no sorrows,
Bayushki bayu.

On the road, I’ll give you
A small holy icon,
And when you pray to God, you’ll
Put it right in front of you,
While preparing for the dangerous battle
Please remember your mother.
Sleep, good boy, my beautiful,
Bayushki bayu.


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